Dame Julian Showings 1-10

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1. Julian sees Christ crowned with thorns, and in Him sees the Trinity.
2. His discolored face showing as one with the darkness of mankind.
3. ‘What is sin?’
4. The oneness of the Father and the Son.
5. The nature of evil, God’s wrath, and hell, which she deals with compassionately later.
6. A vision of Christ like a lord in his own house giving a party for his friends.
7. God keeping us safe in the swinging highs and lows of faith and doubt.
8. Christ’s face discolouring, cold, and dried, in his deathly sharing in mankind‘s pains.
9. The joy of the Trinity in the passion and dying of Christ is greater than all pain.
10. Christ’s delight in having suffered for Mankind, His beloved.

Showings 11 – 14

At the end of these 14 revelations Julian gives a lengthy review with comments that enlarge on them and prepare the way for the dangerous ground she enters in her final, 15th and 16th showings. These comments begin here.

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