Dame Julian

‘This is a Revelation of love that Jesus Christ, our endless blisse, made in sixteen Sheweings or Revelations particular.’

Dame Julian of Norwich had  sixteen visions while receiving the last rites during a severe, paralysing illness. They have been known by the original Middle English term she used, ‘shewings’ (showings), and ‘revelations’. Others have called them visions. There are problems with each of these, shewings or sheweings is mediaeval and revelations may invite comparison with the Bible book of that name. Visions does not do them justice as they were sometimes visual, and at others intellectual, auditory or spiritual. I use the word shewings, to keep the sound and intent of the original. She herself described them as private visions between herself and God that she was in turn to pass on to her fellow Christians.

Background Julian of Norwich – 14th C.
Shewings 1 – 10
Shewings 11 – 14

After these 14 shewings Julian reviews them with twenty in-depth comment chapters. In these she carefully prepares the way for the dangerous ground she enters in her final two shewings, the 15th and 16th.

Julian’s Comments of her 1st 14 Shewings:

1: Chs. 44 – 47
2: Chs. 48 – 49
3: Chs. 50 – 51a
4: Ch. 51b
5: Ch. 51c
6: Chs. 51 end
7: Ch. 52
8: Ch. 53
9: Ch. 54 – 55
10: Chs. 56 – 57
11: Chs. 58 – 59
12: Chs. 60 – 61
13: Chs. 62 – 63

Shewing 15     (Chapters 64 – 65)

Shewing 16    (Chapters 66 – 86) in progress

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