The 8th Sharing

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ch. XVI

Julian saw Christ’s dying face and body
darkening on the cross;
bloodless –
pain –
dried within –
in a blowing, cold wind.

Pain and slow dying,
a cold, dried-up death
completing His passion.

ch. XVII

She saw Him thirsting,
bodily and spiritually;
the eternal in the temporal;
He who pervades all time and space,
eternal Love, eternal I AM,
one sacrifice,
one thirst.

She felt her own pain no longer,
for the pain of a lover’s pain
outweighs one’s own.
Had she known,
she would not
have prayed
for this


And how much more was Mary’s pain?
Who loved Him more?
The greater His pain,
the greater hers in him.

And all His disciples,
and all His true lovers,
suffered more in His pain
than in their own bodily dying.

Are we not all,
And all Creation,
one in Him?
and do not even the unknowing fall
at the altar of THE UNKNOWN GOD?

ch. XIX

She dare not take her eyes from the cross.
Reason told her to look to Heaven
but she dare not
all but the cross was uncertain.

She wished she had not prayed for this vision;
she would not have
had she known what it would be.
Torn between fearful change of heart
and inner, willing choice,
she found the inner voice,
her soul, her spirit,
by God’s grace,

Christ on the cross, alone,
was her heaven.

ch. XX

The union of the Father and the Son
gave strength to Jesus’ manhood
to love and suffer for all mankind
from the beginning to the last day.

He, the highest and worthiest, was made nought,
suffering for the sin of all.
He saw the sorrow and the desolation of all mankind
and suffered the greater sorrow
of the lover for the loved.


Julian saw Christ’s passion three ways:
first, the hard pain He suffered;
second, the delight of the lover
seeing his beloved reconciled,
returning his love;
the lover and the beloved,
loving and loved;
and third, the greatest,
the eternal joy of love fulfilled,
‘See what I have done for you!’

Where now is any point in grief?
His suffering on the cross becomes delight
To be shared with Him.
and with all,
at last,
in Heaven.

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