This is a ramble through the countryside of the way the world is. Updates will generally be monthly or less; the long gap between the first two ramblings reflecting a learning curve in the WordPress system.

I retired in 2007 from my hospital contact lens practice. Although my main interests were in the arts, my chosen occupation was science based. Nevertheless with a foot in each camp I link them with my religious faith and find no conflict. In my early twenties I edited a Presbyterian Fellowship of Youth magazine, and later, Outlook, a Baptist Church Magazine, to which I also contributed a monthly Schultz-style strip cartoon. The Fellowship of Youth, which was known as FOY, is nowadays known as the Fellowship of United Reformed Youth – FURY. I like that.

I think of myself as an essayist, often dipping my pen into a subject and letting it flow where it will, and enjoy contributing off-the-wall articles to church magazines. Increasingly I find myself drawn to an admixture of poetry and prose but have also written plays and a novel, ‘Namestone‘, a mystic time-shift thriller.

I live in Scotland with my wife Audrey and we have two grown-up daughters and three grand-children. Apart from writing I enjoy hill-walking and have completed a five day backpacking Munro to Munro, coast to coast, walk from Inverness to Loch Carron with my friend Orville.

The first blogpost in June 2015, Existence is Co-existence has more information on how I came to begin this weblog. I hope you enjoy it.

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