The 9th Sharing

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Jesus’ suffering is:
the sacrificial love of a mother
giving all for her children;
the costly sacrifice of a lover
saving his beloved.

They would gladly suffer more,
not only if needed
but delight and desire
to suffer more, in love,
for the beloved.

Parents delight as much
in each other’s love for their children
as in their love for each other;
And when their children show similar love
for brothers and sisters
and for them.

The Father and Son’s mutual love
is an aspect of the Trinity.

“He is ready … to die for my love so often that the number passes reason.”

from aeui-ternus,
means ‘age-lasting’.
Yet eternal is more than all time.
We have no word for it.
It is Allos.
It is Other.

Eternity pervades time.
Eternity is more than time,
Other than all time.

In three days in the tomb
our Vision of eternity entered into hell
taking death and hell captive.
The whole of time,
And more than time,
opens to the view of those three days.

The crucifixion as an eternal act,
and as a once and for all sacrifice,
are at once and in total,
then, there, here, now, eternally.

The belief that the crucifixion is an eternal act,
And the belief that it is a once and for all sacrifice
Come together in those three days.


The glad giver takes no heed of the gift.
He delights in the joy of the receiver.
So the suffering of Christ is made nothing
By His pleasure in our joy
At our salvation.

Our joy should match His.

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