The 5th Sharing

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ch. XIV (The following are mostly my own thoughts on this ‘shewing’, which involves reflections on the first four)

In this vision God asks Julian, in reflecting on her first four visions, to understand more the nature of evil, hell and God’s wrath. She deals compassionately with these in her later writings.

In a future post I shall make a case for ‘God’s wrath’ being more correctly translated in the Bible as ‘God’s anger’, a word related to grief and anguish, whereas ‘wrath’ shares its roots with writhing, a twisting or turning away which He never does.

My thoughts here are mostly questions.
‘Hell’s door is bolted on the inside.’
What and where is hell?
Jesus called it the outer darkness;
there is plenty in the cosmos.

Any particle or combination of particles,
you, or I, or an electron,
can be defined by an equation
known as its wave-function.

Wave-functions are like harmonics in the cosmos.
Particles and combinations of particles
such as you and I,
seem located in particular places,
but the harmonic nature of their wave-functions
extends them as part of the whole cosmos,
as the focus of a projected beam,
is part of the whole beam,
or as the nodes in a vibrating violin string,
are defined, extended, in the whole string,
the whole violin,
the air,
the walls of the concert hall,
and fainter, fainter,

And when the particles of any thing,
a stone, a breath of air, a star,
a flower, a tree, a bird,
break up, fade, die,
the history of their wave-functions
are held in the actions and reactions,
and their effects,
further actions and reactions,
echo down the years and aeons.

Nuclear physicists,
with an expensive accelerator,
can produce a particle with the wave-function of an electron,
but it would need God to reproduce you,
to restore you
with your wave-function.

So how can we unbolt the door?

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