Dame Julian: Showings 11-14

Contents                        Introduction                       Background Julian of Norwich – 14th C.

Showings 1 – 10

11. Mary, mother of Jesus
12. It is I, It is I!
13. …by the same Might, Wisdom, and Goodness that I have done all this… I shall make well all that is not well; and thou shalt see it.
…. Part 1 – God is the ground of true and steadfast trust.
…..Part 2 – there are deeds done of such great harm, a good end seems impossible
…. Part 3 – general and particular prayer, and the great deed to be done.
…..Part 4 – sin is the sharpest scourge
14. Our Lord is the Ground of our rightful prayer and steadfast trust; which He willeth should both be alike large; … our prayer pleases Him and He fulfilles it.
 …. Part 1 – ‘I am the ground of your prayer’
 …. Part 2 – ‘Prayer is understanding the fullness of joy to come’
….. Part 3 – ‘Prayer unites the soul to God’

At the conclusion of these 14 revelations Julian gives a lengthy review with comments that enlarge on them and prepare the way for the dangerous ground she enters in her final, 15th and 16th showings. These comments begin here although they are still in progress.

Showings 1 – 10                           15 – 16 in progress                                Contents

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