The 10th Sharing

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ch. XXIV

Our Lord looked in his wounded side
Joyfully remembering
How freely his blood and water flowed; *
love without beginning,
love without ending,
that is and ever shall be.

“See how I loved you so fully,
Suffered so willingly!
Now my trial and bitter pain
are love beyond beinning,
love beyond ending,
joy in your joy!”

* Blood-water: the time of events and the spear thrust match blood/plasma separation, known to butchers, sodiers and executioners alike. It is evident an hour after death, with the dividing level just below the abdomen in a hanged body.

If an incision is made above this level clear plasma (‘bloodwater’) flows out.

If the incision is close to the blood/plasma divide mainly plasma flows at first, drawing an increasing amount of blood as the weight of plasma above the level of the blood decreases.

If the incision is below the blood level then blood flows first followed by plasma.

Her 9th Sharing                Background                Contents                Her 11th Sharing