Her 13th Sharing – Part 2

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ALL MANNER OF THING shall be well?
The least thing shall not be forgotten?
There are deeds in our sight of such great harm,
It seems impossible there should ever be a good end.

In sorrow and mourning for evil
we lose sight of God’s love.
We, so blind, low, simple,
we cannot know the high, marvellous wisdom,
the might, the goodness, of the Trinity.

But when He said,
“You shall see, yourself,
ALL MANNER OF THING shall be well.”
He meant see in faith, trust,
At the end you shall truly see it in full joy.

In these five sayings,

I may…, I can…, I will…, I shall
make all things well.
thou shalt see, thyself
all manner of thing shall be well.

there is a Deed the blessed trinity shall do in the last Day:
unknown of all creatures beneath Christ,
and shall be unknown
till it is done.

For, as the blissful Trinity made all things of nought,
so the same blessed Trinity shall make all things well
that are not well.


She desired, but was denied,
a full view of hell and purgatory,
not, she emphasised,
to prove the Church’s teaching of them to herself,
but that she might understand.

Though in her visions there was much goodness and love,
there was little mention of evil.
Yet, she maintained, she was not drawn away
From Holy Church’s teaching on this.

She had seen passion, sorrow and pain
of Christ, Mary and the disciples;
but no detail of the Jews who did Him to death.
Nevertheless she knew,
in the faith of Holy Church,
they were accursed and damned without end…
and yet…

There was a Great Deed,
hidden from us now,
to be performed at the end.


Our Lord God shewed two manner of secret things.
His great Secret Counsel hidden until that time,
and the secrets he wishes to make known to us now.

All this I have now told,
and more that I shall tell after,
is comforting against sin.
In the third shewing I saw
God does all that is done
and God does no sin.
All is well.
When God gave me a shewing of sin
He said, “all SHALL be well.”

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