Julian’s 16th showing, chaps. 68-70

To read Julian’s Revelations in order, which is far better, begin at the Introduction.

LXVIII Sixty-eighth chapter.

Of sothfast knowing that it is Jesus that shewid all this, and it was no ravyng; and how we owen to have sekir troste in all our tribulation that we shall not be overcome.

This vision of the truly risen soul
was a delectable, restful showing,
in that it is so without end,
Our beholding it while we are here
pleases God fully and fully helps us.

The soul that sees this, is made like Him
who watches over it and unites it
in rest and peace by His grace.

Seeing Him seated was a special joy,
and bliss to me. For His secure sitting
shows His endless dwelling in the soul;
and He let me know truly, it was He
that showed me all that went before.

When I had noted this carefully,
our good Lord showed these words meekly,
without voice or opening His lips,
as He had done before, saying full sweetly:
Now know well it was no raving you saw today, but accept and believe it, keep yourself in it, comfort yourself with it and trust yourself to it, and you shall not be overcome.

These words were said to show, surely,
that everything I had seen, was shown me
by our Lord Jesus, and as in His first words,
meaning His blissful passion,
Herewith is the devil overcome,
so in His last words, with true certainty,
meaning us all, You shalt not be overcome.

And all this teaching, this true comfort,
applies to all my fellow Christians
as has been said before, it is Gods will.

And these words, You shall not be overcome,
were said sharply, mightily,
for the fullest assurance and comfort
against all tribulations that may come.

He did not say, You shall not suffer storms,
you shall not labour in mire,
you shall not be distressed,
but He said, You shall not be overcome.

God wills us to heed these words,
to be always strong, trusting securely
in weal and woe. He loves and delights in us,
wishing us to love and delight in Him,
and strongly trust Him, and all shall be well.

And soon after all was closed, and I saw no more.


Of the second long temptation of the devill to despeir; but she mytyly trosted to God and to the feith of Holy Church, rehersing the passion of Christe be the which she was deliverid.

Sixty-ninth chapter.

After this the fiend came again
with his heat and with his stink
and kept me very occupied,
the stink, so vile, so painful,
a dreadful, disturbing hindrance.

There was also a jangling argument,
as though two spoke busily of me
in soft muttering I could not understand,
to stir me to despair, scorning my rosary,
echoing my prayers in unholy tones.

But my Lord gave me grace strongly,
to trust Him, to strengthen my soul,
speaking to me as I would have done
to another person in similar trial.
I thought it an unearthly affair,
quite unlike any other.

I set my eyes on the same cross
that had comforted me before,
I repeated the words of Christ’s passion,
I recited the faith of Holy Church,
and fastened my heart on God
with all the trust and strength He gave.

I told myself,
‘You must now work hard to keep in the faith
for the enemy must never take you.
Now you must keep yourself from sin,
this is a good, supreme occupation.’

I thought truly, if I were safe from sin
then I was fully safe from all hell’s fiends,
and from all the enemies of my soul.

Thus he kept me occupied all that night,
and through the morning until it was dawn,
then, suddenly, they were all gone
leaving nothing but their stink,
and that still lasted a while.

Then I scorned him and was free of them
by virtue of Christ’s passion;
for thus is the fiend overcome
as our Lord Jesus Christ said before.


In all tribulation we owe to be stedfast in the feith trosting mytyly in God. For if our faith had no enimyte it should deserve no mede; and how all these shewings arn in the faith.

Seventieth chapter.

Our good Lord, throughout this blessed showing,
gave assurance that the sight would pass,
keeping faith with His own goodwill and grace,
for He left left me neither sign nor token
for me to know it save His own blessed word,
telling me, strongly, to believe it
and giving true understanding.

And so I do, blessed may He be.

I believe that He, our Saviour, showed it,
and that it is the faith that He showed;
therefore I believe and treasure it;
so I am wholly bound by His next words,
Keep yourself in it, comfort and strengthen yourself in it and trust yourself to it.

So I am bound to keep it in my faith,
For on the self-same day that it was shown,
as soon as the sight was passed,
as a wretch I forsook it
and openly said that I had raved.

Then our Lord Jesus in His mercy
would not let it perish but showed it fuller
in my soul, in His precious love’s light,
saying mightily but very meekly,
Now know this well, it was no raving that you saw today.
as though He said, ‘For the sight is past,
you outlasted it and could not keep it,
but know it now; now you have seen it.’

This was said not only for that time
but also as the growth-soil of my faith
as He said immediately following,
But take it, believe it, and keep yourself in in it, comfort yourself with it, and trust yourself to and you shall not be overcome.

In the six words that follow “take it”
He means to fix it faithfully in our hearts
for He wants it to dwell with us in faith
to our life’s end, and after in full joy,
wanting us to have secure trust forever
in His blissful commands, knowing His goodness.

For our faith is countered in many ways,
in our blindness, in our spiritual enemy,
within us and without.
so our precious lover helps us
with spiritual vision and true teaching
on matters within and without,
so that we may know Him.

However He teaches us
He wants us wisely aware of Him,
sweetly receiving Him
keeping ourselves faithfully in Him.

I see no goodness in life above faith,
nor help for the soul beneath faith,
but our Lord would have us keep in the faith.
By His goodness and His work within us
we are kept in the faith.

He lets spiritual enemies try us
to make us stronger,
for if our faith had no enmity
it would deserve no reward.

This is the understanding I have received
in the meaning of all our Lords words.

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