Quark Flavours

There are six flavors of quarks: up, down, strange, charm, top, and bottom.
Up and down quarks have the lowest masses of all,
but heavier quarks can rapidly become lighter, changing to up and down.

A quark is a many flavoured thing,
with its ups and down, and a certain charm,
yet the strangest thing,
when it’s heavy, given time,
it will lighten and be fine.

Though stuck inside a shroud
of the proton – neutron crowd,
it’s position is uncertain,
as though hid behind a curtain,
part of the cosmic harmony,
dancing with its destiny.

We think of quarks as small,
almost not there at all,
but there is still a stranger thing to say.
Its unpinned-down position,
surely here but perhaps there,
gets more doubtful as we travel far away;
yet the chance that it is elsewhere
stretches faint and far forever,
this little shrouded entity
harmonic in eternity,
of limitless potential grace
throughout all time and space,
it is this that holds the universe together.

4 thoughts on “Quark Flavours

    • Thank you for your comment Kirtisangma, and welcome aboard! You are right about its shortness although there is a reason for it. I usually post about once a fortnight, less frequently at the moment due to moving house. This, just a week after my last, arose from a discussion with another blogger and contains just a small nugget from that. I have visited your new blog and look forward to your future posts!

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        • Thank you Kirkisangma. I’m flattered as you probably know far more about the subject than I. In terms of quantum physics I am very much a hobbyist, and an off-the-wall one at that. I take a sideways view of things, relating them to one another and to areas outside physics. I avoid mathematics as much as possible seeing it as a convenient shorthand for words but which, like secretarial shorthand, many people find difficult. For the time being, as life is so busy even without the house move, I am better jogging along on my own, but thanks for the offer.

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