The Truth of Algebra

This is a piece of fun, playing around with numbers and equations. It need not be taken seriously but has an intriguing result.

We are used to the easy truth:
x + 6 = 3x
6 = 3xx
6 = 2x or 2x = 6
x = 3
simple, but it can miss a hidden mystery .

If we put what we found (x = 3) back into what we started with,
we get
3 + 6 = 3 × 3
which is:
3 + 2 × 3 = 3 × 3      (or 9 = 9)
of course! – This is how our world is,
but something lies beyond this.

When the x enters our world
we can write:
x + 2x = 3x
which gives
3x = 3x
in which x can be any number from minus infinity to plus infinity.

Of course 3 is in x.
x and 3 are now in both our equation and the unknown.
The unknown is infinite and our equation is part of it.

It need not have been three but that seems apt:
an unknown entered into our equation as a number in it, and a piece of fun.

3 thoughts on “The Truth of Algebra

  1. I don’t often here math described as fluidly as this, though I can’t fault your connections. It’s like the transitive property, stretched out and held up to the light. This simple post made me smile, thank you.

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    • Thank you so much. I enjoyed doing this post very much. Browzing through your posts (we both began in 2015, about the same time) I came across a reference in one to atoms and quarks – pointing out how, no sooner than we think we have an answer to anything something comes along to replace it – how true! My love to Dora! Thank you again.

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      • Ha! It’s rather rare to find someone who has even heard of subatomic particles. 😏 I enjoy the mystery of both what is larger and what is smaller than the things that we have already seen. It seems like it may well go on forever in beautiful harmony.

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