We love because He loved us first.

On Friday, November 13th, the BBC charity Children in Need held its culminating programme. Throughout the evening, donations of loving, caring people of all faiths and none came to a still-growing, thirty-seven million pounds. Together with Comic Relief ordinary people have raised over a hundred and fifteen million pounds, not counting many other well known and not so well known charities.

The programme had been on the air for a couple of hours when an Islamist militant group began bombing and shooting people of all faiths or none in Paris to the cry in Arabic, ‘God is great!’ a call sanctified and holy throughout the world in many languages, many faiths. As I write there are a hundred and twenty-nine dead, with  three hundred and fifty wounded, sixty still critical. Some will ask where the greatness of God is in this.

God is great. His compassion and mercy, His love, extend to all. We, His children, forget this in our squabbles and every form of greed. Although we are God’s children, in worldly terms we are adults and can give way to adult worldly desires and hates. We fight with ‘adult’ weapons.

Our Father sees his children warring with one another, yet loves us still – enough to die for us in an eternal act that pervades all time. We cannot see the future but He, the Eternal, is the future, today, yesterday, tomorrow.

‘While we were yet sinners Christ died for us’ for people of all faiths and none.

4 thoughts on “We love because He loved us first.

  1. I recently watched a ‘Netflix’ original move, “Beasts of No Nation”, where the main character – a young boy ‘drafted’ into ‘service’ in a rebel army – offers up brief narratives periodically throughout the film, talking about God’s role in all that is taking place. At one point, where the rebels are in the midst of killing innocent villagers and raping defenseless mothers trying to protect their babies, his small voice breaks into the screams with the question, “Is God watching what we are doing?”

    God is ALWAYS watching, my made-up-but-all-too-lifelike-young-friend, and it must hurt Him deeply (and anger Him greatly) to see atrocities such as that made-for-TV one, and the real ones – like Paris – that happen daily throughout this world He created. This is not what He intended for the world, and we can blame it on Him, or we can accept the responsibility for it, and look to the life, death, and resurrection of Christ that points us to what God REALLY wants for us.

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  2. Hi Tony, Yes, I see God as even more than watching all the time. He pervades all time with a love and a desire that is eternal. Our problem is that we have no words for this. Eternal is more than time and more than we can understand or describe. Thank you for reading my blog – I have been reading yours and will continue doing so (I like muffins!). Tony.


  3. I see you as more of a scone guy. 🙂 I have been told my scones are pretty good, although probably not as good as an authentic Irish scone recipe (even though that’s what I use as a base). Thanks for reading, and thank you more for writing. The Lord needs more voices here on earth.


    • OK, you got me! Scones it is, fruit ones. I make my own with strong flour (not self raising) and baking powder. I have been trying on and off to make what my grand-daughter calls scuffins, a cross between the two. No success yet. Keep up the good work.


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