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ch. IV

Here begynnith the first revelation of the pretious crownyng of Criste etc. in the first chapter, and how God fullfilleth the herrte with most joy, and of His greate meekenesse; and how the syght of the passion of Criste is sufficient strength ageyn all temptations of the fends, and of the gret excellency and mekenesse of the blissid Virgin Mary. The fourth chapter.

In this moment suddenly
I saw the red blood trickle
from underneath the Garland,
as hot, fresh, and plenteous,
as in His Passion when the thorns
pressed upon His blessed head.

He who was both God and Man,
who suffered thus for me,
I knew, truly, mightily;
He showed me this directly.

And in that Showing suddenly
the Trinity filled my heart
I understood with greatest joy:
that it shall be thus in Heaven without end
to all that shall come there.

the Trinity is God:
God is Trinity;
the Trinity, our Maker, Keeper,
our everlasting love,
our everlasting joy and bliss,
in our Lord Jesus Christ.

In that First Showing, and in all:
wherever Jesus Christ appears,
I feel the blessed Trinity.

And I cried, “Benedicite, Domine.”
This I said and meant for reverence
with a mighty voice,

I wondered and marvelled
that He, so reverend and awe-inspiring
would be so homely
with a sinful creature
in wretched flesh.

This I took for my time of temptation,
for I thought that God would have me tempted
by fiends before my death.

With this sight of the blessed passion,
with the Godhead I saw and understood,
I knew well it was strength enough for me,
yes, and to all creatures living,
against all fiends of Hell
and ghostly temptation.

Then He brought our blessed Lady
to my understanding.
I saw her ghostly, in bodily form,
a simple, meek maid,
young, and little waxen above a child,
in that stature she had
when she conceived with child.

Also God showed in part
the wisdom and truth of her soul.
I understood the reverence
with which she beheld her God and maker,
marveling that He would be borne of her,
a simple creature of His making.

And this wisdom and truth,
knowing the greatness of her Maker
and the littleness of herself,
led her to say meekly to Gabriel,
“Lo, me, God’s hand-maid.”

In this I truly understood
that she is more than all
that God has made beneath her
in worthiness and grace.

For abovee her, as to my sight,
is nothing that is made
but the blessed manhood of Christ.

ch. V

??So everything exists by the Love of God
whom we cannot fully know
until we are united with Him.??

How God is to us everything that is gode, tenderly wrappand us; and all thing that is made, in regard to Almighty it is nothing; and how man hath no rest till he nowteth himselfe and all thing for the love of God. The fifth chapter.

In this same time our Lord shewed to me a ghostly sight of His homely loveing.

In this same time our Lord shewed to me a ghostly sight of His homely loveing.

I saw that He is to us everything that is good and comfortable for us.

He is oure clotheing, that for love wrappeth us, halsyth us, and all becloseth us for tender love, that He may never leeve us, being to us althing that is gode as to myne understondyng.

Also in this He shewed a littil thing the quantitye of an hesil nutt in the palme of my hand, and it was as round as a balle.

I lokid there upon with eye of my understondyng and thowte, What may this be?

And it was generally answered thus: It is all that is made.
I mervellid how it might lesten, for methowte it might suddenly have fallen to nowte for littil.

And I was answered in my understondyng, It lesteth and ever shall, for God loveth it; and so all thing hath the being be the love of God.

In this littil thing I saw three properties: the first is that God made it, the second is that God loveth it, the third, that God kepith it.

But what is to me sothly the maker, the keper, and the lover I canot tell, for till I am substantially onyd to Him I may never have full rest ne very blisse; that is to sey, that I be so festined to Him, that there is right nowte that is made betwix my God and me.

It needyth us to have knoweing of the littlehede of creatures and to nowtyn allthing that is made for to love and howe God that is unmade.

For this is the cause why we be not all in ease of herete and soule, for we sekyn here rest in those things that is so littil, wherin is no rest, and know not our God that is almighty, al wise, all gode; for He is the very rest.

God will be knowen, and Him liketh that we rest in Him.

For all that is beneth Him sufficeth not us.

And this is the cause why that no soule is restid till it is nowted of all things that is made.

Whan he is willfully nowtid for love, to have Him that is all, then is he abyl to receive ghostly rest.

Also our Lord God shewed that it is full gret plesance to Him that a sily soule
come to Him nakidly and pleynly and homely.

For this is the kinde yernings of the soule by the touching of the Holy Ghost, as be the understondyng that I have in this sheweing: “God of Thy goodnesse, give me Thyselfe, for Thou art enow to me, and I may nothing aske that is less that may be full worshippe to Thee.

And if I aske anything that is lesse, ever me wantith; but only in Thee I have

And these words arn full lovesome to the soule, and full nere, touchen the will of God and His goodness.

For His goodness comprehendith all His creatures and all His blissid works and overpassith without end.

For He is the endleshede, and He hath made us only to Himselfe and restorid us be His blissid passion, and kepith us in His blissid love; and all this is of His goodness.


We have no rest until we are one with Him
who is almighty, all-wise and all-good;
to whom all else is as nought;
in whom is perfect rest.

It is fully pleasing to Him
when a helpless soul comes to Him
simply, plainly, honestly.
He is the Eternal who made us for Himself,
restored us by His passion
and keeps us in His love.

‘I and the Father are one’

Jesus Christ is not a son sacrificed to his father
but the Father entered into the world as His own Son.
In this the love and homeliness of everything
is bound in the Holy Spirit.

The love between God and us
is more than the care of a good lord for his servants;
it is homely, family love
that we sould wonder at
and accept as Mary did.
God’s love is our clothing.

All that is made is no more than a hazel nut in the hand;
so little it could not survive unless made, loved, kept by Him who is unmade.


ch. VI

God’s goodness surpasses all that we may find
in the mere infinity of this nutshell universe.
To pray for any goodness or rest
that may give ease here
Is less than to pray to know His love and peace
which encloses us, and all we know,
as a garment.

ch. VII – IX

His love is more than the care of a good master
or lord for his servant;
it is homely and intimate.
The Good Parent has no favourites.
tries harder, grieves more,
over wayward and weak,
who in greed and folly
seek forever more and more.
His love given fully to each
neither divided nor weakened.
Each child equally favourite.

The closest we come to this
is feeling the child we are with
is our favourite.
When with more than one
our love is equal and full to all.

Anger is allied to grief.
Grief is an expression of love.

Awe-inspiring: in the original the word used is dreadful. In Mediaeval English, dread implied awe rather than apprehensive fear.

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